Specialised SEN Tutoring On The Wirral
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Specialised Teaching for Children with Special Educational Needs

A child in yellow top reading a red book
We can help your child to achieve their potential. Maybe you have concerns that something isn’t quite right, but you don’t know what it is or how to move things forward – we can guide you.

Maybe your child has a diagnosis of dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, autism or any other difficulty – we can help.

Our patient, experienced staff will support your child in developing the necessary skills to thrive. We can teach our one-to-one lessons in schools too – just ask for details.

Literacy Tuition, Numeracy Tuition and Exam Readiness

At Metamorphosis Educational Consultancy, we understand that we need to empower young people with the skills to take ownership for their learning. This means that in addition to their developing academic skills, we also need to teach children how to spot their own mistakes, how to self-check and how to self-correct. This enables children to develop autonomy and to access the higher-order thinking skills required for life in senior school and beyond.

At Metamorphosis, we pride ourselves on developing exam readiness through confidence and self-efficacy in our young people. We are very experienced in helping children with low self-esteem to realise success and to learn how to transfer the skills they need into all areas of learning.

Children in school uniform with red tops

Specialist SEN Tutoring on the Wirral, Offering Advice and Support for Students and Parents

We believe that we provide a unique service: SEN Tutoring on the Wirral. We offer a telephone or email conversation during which we can assess whether we can help your child. We then suggest that you visit us and tell us more about you and about your child. Some parents prefer to visit on their own, and some bring their child. If you would like to book teaching sessions for your child after this visit, you can book as many or as few as you like. However, there is no obligation, and no contract. You simply pay for the sessions you have.